Laura Marano Nude Photo Shoot

Laura Marano nude

21-year-old Disney star Laura Marano shows all while spreading open her legs for a nude photo shoot in the pics above and below.

Laura Marano nude

For those who do not know, Laura Marano is the star of the hit Disney Channel series “Austin & Ally”. However like so many former Disney stars before her it now appears as though Laura is using nude photos to escape being typecast in children’s programming and transition on to the more lucrative adult roles.

Unfortunately for Laura Marano she is going to quickly find out that her frumpy looks will not go over so well in the cutthroat mainstream market, and no amount of her showing her naked swollen pink pussy lips is going to change that. In fact, now that Laura has shown off her nude body there is little incentive for any casting director to hire her… Unless of course they are specifically looking to cast the role of a completely average looking Italian girl with a sloppy vagina.

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