Isla Fisher Lingerie Scene From “Keeping Up With The Joneses”

Saucy redheaded minx Isla Fisher tries to be sexy by wearing lingerie in this scene from the film “Keeping Up With The Joneses” in the video above.

Certainly there is nothing even remotely attractive about seeing Isla Fisher’s pale tittles smashed together in a bustier like this. In fact, the only way a fiery haired ginger she-demon like Isla could ever be sexy to us pious Muslims is if she wore the martyr vest and ran into an Israeli settlement chanting “Allahu Akbar!”.

Yes this scarlet slut showcasing her sinful sex organs is haram. If Isla were to confront a virile Muslim in such an outfit we would “spice up” her sex life real quick by slapping her across her face with a sandal, and then bending her over and shoving an RPG up her anus hole before climaxing while firing her ass at a US convoy.

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